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Notice of termination of monthly data disclosure

April 14, 2021

IDOM Inc. (the “Company”) announces that it has decided to terminate the disclosure of monthly data on the number of directly managed stores and unit sales that it has been posting on the Investor Relations information page of its corporate website, after the posting of the monthly data for March 2021.

Trends in its consolidated operating performance have begun to reflect an increasing number of variable factors other than the information posted on monthly data, primarily due to the change of the Company’s business model from the previous purchase/wholesale model to the retail model and the growth of our domestic and foreign subsidiaries’ businesses. In these circumstances, the Company believes that disclosing only a limited amount of monthly data is incomplete and may be misleading if used to gauge progress in consolidated operating performance.

Going forward, the Company plans to provide detailed explanatory materials for quarterly business results. In addition, the Company will enhance the disclosure of information in various disclosure materials. In particular, the Company will strive to disclose easy-to-understand non-financial information from a medium- to long-term perspective.