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Future Vision

President Yusuke Hatori
(Summary of comments from the Earnings Presentation for fiscal year ended February 28, 2017, held on April 14, 2017)

Management mission remains unchanged
since the first day of establishment in 1994

For all car users, we revolutionize the car distribution system

IDOM’s vision

To create the world’s largest car sales infrastructure,
Firstly, complete the Japanese largest car sales infrastructure

Our biggest strengths

“Largest store network in Japan” and “High-quality salesforce”

The two strengths help to complete Japan’s largest “car sales infrastructure”

  • The car sales cannot be fully replaced by online, and real stores are indispensable.
  • New services and businesses can be implemented on the car sales infrastructure. With the synergy between them, the new services and businesses can be profitable and see the growth. Our Japan’s largest car sales infrastructure will also attract outside vendors to bring their services into the infrastructure.