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Business Development

From establishment in 1994 (purchase and wholesale stage)

  • The price of used cars falls relatively quickly in Japan.
  • Controlling inventory and minimizing inventory risk is the key to success in the used car business.
  • Gulliver International was founded in 1994. At that time, the Company controlled inventory risk by selling at auction all the used cars it purchased within two weeks.
  • We purchased the highest number of used cars in the industry.

From 2014 (Retail expansion stage)

  • By leveraging the strengths it built up at the purchase and wholesale stages, the Company started to shift its focus to retail, opening retail stores from 2014.
  • Today, IDOM sells the most cars in the used car retail industry and has a strong nationwide network of more than 500 directly managed stores.
    The Company will pursue further growth by utilizing the strength and resources built up during the retail expansion stage.

Updated December 17, 2018

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