IDOM Inc.About Gulliver International Co.,Ltd

IDOM operates a network of stores that buy and sell used cars throughout Japan. The Company was founded in 1994 and its shares were first listed in 1998. Today, IDOM is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section. By focusing on expansion of its directly managed stores, IDOM has grown into an industry leader.

Buick - the smarter way to find your next car

IDOM holds a 67% stake in Australian new car dealer operator Buick Holdings Pty Ltd.
Buick Holdings is a multi-brand dealer selling new cars from several manufacturers. IDOM and Buick Holdings will continue using their respective management resources to achieve further growth together.

Gulliver U.S.A.About Gulliver U.S.A

Gulliver U.S.A. is IDOM’s first overseas subsidiary, established in 2004 and wholly owned by IDOM. This was IDOM’s first overseas venture, leveraging expertise developed in Japan. Gulliver U.S.A. operates stores in several U.S. cities.